Knowledge and Information Access Management

„Knowledge management transforms structured and unstructured information, selects and combines the important information for a user in a specific context, so that decisions and the actions of companies are supported…

… To be able to realize knowledge management in a company, a multitude of individual IT solutions must be taken into consideration and viewed within a holistic approach, e.g. archiving and DMS systems, retrieval and agent technologies, workflow, portal and content management systems.”


Information – your treasure

Use the knowledge in your collegues’ heads and company’s documents more effectively:

  • Build a central knowledge base, which provides access to strategic information
    • storage of information in context, expandable with new types of information
    • without disassembling existing storage systems, but with building connecting to them
  • Increase your company’s knowledge reusability
    • new employees’ faster learning process
    • retrieve information, navigation and search using keywords and taxonomies
  • Think long term, select a standard, XML-based solutions, using open standards.

To solve these tasks we recommend Ovitas Knowledge Manager knowledge management software.

Additional areas to use your knowledge organized in knowledge base:

  • Knowledge base supported by intelligent search
  • Classification of documents supported by knowledge base, automatic keyword assignment
  • Call / Contact Center solutions, support, building knowledge base and decision tree, intelligent search support

In our knowledge management and information access management solutions we often use Attensity’s Information Access Suite, which components can be used as building blocks in complex solutions.