Information Access System

In information access management solutions we use the intelligent search technology of Attensity’s Information Access System. Combining the services and features of its components, the suite can be used for different search and navigation solutions.

Knowledge-based intelligent search

Intelligent case-based reasoning search technology delivers extremely precise hits with reference to a knowledge model that reflects your unique knowledge domain. Users interact with the engine using natural language, by selecting items from a list, or via a guided dialog. “Virtual Repository” makes content available from both unstructured and structured sources, in over 250 file formats.

Users of Information Access System include Siemens, Otto Mail Order, Bayer and Merck. The web site of OTP, Hungary’s lagest bank also installed IAS to provide smart search functionality for customers.

Statistical document classification

Associative, statistical searches mines knowledge from even the largest data sets. Automates knowledge accessibility and classification. Complex amounts of data and information are systematized, categorized and personalized. Recognizes related contents and supplies the located information according to requirement profiles.