CLS – XML Content Management System

Do you have to create content and publications that are getting more and more complex, but your budget and your resources are limited?

With the Content Lifecycle Suite this is no problem! It provides you with the optimal tools for the efficient planning, creation, management and distribution of the content – whether for newspapers, reference books or service and operating manuals.

From content to products

Unlike standard document management systems, the product set offered by Ovitas manages modular content, defined by using XML structures. The platform provides all the tools to manage back end content authoring, review and approval, publishing, updating, security, and version control.

The Content Lifecycle Suite allows you to

  • reduce publication cycles by means of optimal planning and workflow
  • reduce costs through content re-use
  • publish in the media and language versions appropriate for your target group(s) – without the need for additional outlays
  • eradicate the product documentation bottlenecks that occur during product releases.

Successor of the company’s highly successful sigmalink system, the Content Lifecycle Suite reflects more than ten years experience in content management.

Based on XML

It enables the straightforward creation and management of content, as well as mapping of the workflow and publication processes thanks to the international standard XML.

The system has proved its capabilities in such companies as Airbus and Lucent Technologies.


Content Lifecycle Suite offers a variety of leading edge features, including:

  • outstanding „out-of-the-box” document and content management functionality reduces costly project customization
  • capabilities for creation, management, assembly and publication of custom documents from modular content.
  • XML and SGML support ensures media neutrality of all information and facilitates print, electronic and CD-ROM publication.

Other components of the editorial system are Workflow Manager and Publication Build Service.

Workflow Manager

  • State-of-the art workflow management.
  • Rich functionality, customizable web-based user interface.
  • Open APIs, scalable & reliable server architecture.
  • Can easily be integrated into distributed system environments.
  • Graphic tool used for easy creation and administration of workflows.

Publication Build Service

  • The Publication Build Service (PBS) uses business rules to extract content from data sources.
  • Data sources can be any document store ranging from content or document management systems to the file system. The content is assembled according to the user’s specifications.
  • Assembled content can be processed to create a finished publication and integrated with delivery applications.


In our solutions Ovitas Hungary provides full Content Lifecycle Suite support and XML services.