About us

Document, content and knowledge management solutions from Ovitas

Ovitas Hungary (Ovitas Magyarország Informatikai Kft.) provides outstanding, internationally acknowledged products and services in the fields of document, content and knowledge management. Recognized for its excellence by customers in Hungary and abroad, the company offers modern, standards based solutions for enterprises dealing with large amounts of dynamically changing, at the same time long-lasting information.


Established in 1995 as the joint venture of Germany-based STEP GmbH – today Attensity GmbH, – and Hungary’s Cardinal Kft., Ovitas Hungary is a leader in SGML and XML technologies.

As the first XML/SGML provider in Hungary, we help our customers achieve their goals developing long-term and standard-based solutions.

Ovitas network

To better serve our international customers, we work in a strategic alliance with Ovitas North America (www.ovitas.com) and Ovitas Norway (www.ovitas.no).