SLS: contact centers, helpdesk systems

Having been underestimated for a long time, today’s service centers represent one of the most important areas of a business. Here, customer contacts are established and customer retention is built as key competitive advantage. You know this, of course. But you might ask yourself: How can I organize my service center to become more efficient and customer oriented?

We know how: with the Service Lifecycle Suite. The Attensity Service Lifecycle Suite – sls for short – is the tool for improving your service center processes. With it you will achieve the following: increased customer satisfaction fewer calls on the hotline with self-service more efficiency and sustainability reduced initial skill adaptation training times reduced operating costs.

However, different aspects will determine your success:

  • The knowledge base needs to be accepted and used by your staff.
  • The cost of information management needs to be acceptable.
  • Website content of the service center needs to be up-to-date.

The sls enables easy creation and management of daily knowledge, for users of various levels and training, ranging from the customer to service expert. Your employees receive just the tools that they need to have convenient and structured access to relevant knowledge – no matter whether it is stored externally or internally. The sls can support different processes in any type of organisation by means of integrated workflows, from the creation, to the use or distribution of knowledge. It analyses call tracking systems automatically to store reoccurring problem-solution cases intelligently, thereby making knowledge reusable. A dedicated application of the sls is the Call Center Knowledge Base Solution.

Among others, Siemens, General Electric and United Technologies are already users of the Service Lifecycle Suite.