Ovitas uses information technology as a tool to increase business efficiency, always selects a solution that suits the best for its customers. 
What makes it all possible is the wide range of products we sell and 20 years of experience on the Hungarian market.

Our company follows the constantly developing technologies and implements them in solutions. The delivered solutions based on software products which have maintenance, version control and support, so the solution can also follow the rapidly changing IT environment.

Ovitas team has all the knowledge needed for a project , such as:

  • counseling,
  • implementation of required software components,
  • migration and upload of data,
  • documentation and training of the completed solution,
  • support.

XML-based Content Lifecycle Management

A large amount of text documents are created in MS Word-like word processing program, nicely formatted and paginated. These documents include both content and formatting. Surely, everyone has had a problem when copying data from one document to another and styles were mixed up.

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Call Center Knowledge Base Solution

The Call Center Knowledge Base Solution functions on the principle of making every item of information (necessary for answering often complex questions) accessible to every single employee – in a manner that is fast, user-friendly and consistent – and naturally independent of an individual’s qualifications and/or experience.

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