Ovitas uses information technology as a tool to increase business efficiency, always selects a solution that suits the best for its customers. 
What makes it all possible is the wide range of products we sell and 20 years of experience on the Hungarian market.

Our company follows the constantly developing technologies and implements them in solutions. The delivered solutions based on software products which have maintenance, version control and support, so the solution can also follow the rapidly changing IT environment.

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In our solutions we use our partners’ products of leading technology.

  • ELO Digital system: document management, certified record management, archiving, workflow
  • Content Lifecycle Suite: xml content management system
  • PTC Arbortext Editor: XML editor
  • Altova XML tools
  • Information Access Suite: complex solutions to access information
  • Service Lifecycle Suite: contact centers, helpdesk systems
  • MindManager
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Ovitas Knowledge Manager

Ovitas has built a dynamic knowledge base management system based on international standards and recommendations of the W3C (XML, Topic Maps, RDF, OWL). It stores information units in a properly designed relational database and can handle the change over time and context.

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Ovitas Ltd.

Document, content and knowledge management solutions from Ovitas

Ovitas Hungary (Ovitas Magyarország Informatikai Kft.) provides outstanding, internationally acknowledged products and services in the fields of document, content and knowledge management. Recognized for its excellence by customers in Hungary and abroad, the company offers modern, standards based solutions for enterprises dealing with large amounts of dynamically changing, at the same time long-lasting information.